Wednesday, December 16, 2009


Just finished my forward controls.


tonino said...

Those look super clean matt. How about making me some mid's?

Joey said...

Matt, Those controls are burly (different than Paul)

Way better than my Jaybrake shifter flipped upside with a whacked pivot point as a clutch.


P77 said...

Let's get a shot of the artwork on that tank. Thanks again for the repair job, Matt. The cool hat you gave me is way too big unfortunately. Maybe if i had a 70's fro it might work. Or maybe I'll just don some daisy duke's and nobody will notice anything else. Yuck.

Wrecked Metals said...

Tonino, Joey- Ride your bikes over this spring. We'll make mid controls and skate pauls pool. It would be a fun weekend.

Joey said...

Let's see...I've got a 1 gal. tank (fashion, not function), next gas 100 miles outside of Bend...guess I'll have a backpack with xtra fuel ,skate, and knee pds.

It's been along time since we've skated.