Sunday, July 18, 2010


Joey made the trip from Bend, OR to hang out and skate the Prestige pool. What a great weekend! Click here to check out his killer masonry work.


ben-day-ho said...

fishpaw JOey??

Wrecked Metals said...

Benny you are correct. Any chance you are going to make it out this way?

Joey said...

Yes! I made the blog, nice.

Matt, I sure had a good time hanging out with you , Ava, Zeke, Ollie and Paul. That was a great weekend for sure. Thanks for the fun.

And to everyone out there...Pauls pool is $#@&*^! perfect.

Hey Benny you gotta make it down there to skate.

Matt, I think I figured it out, I was carving too much on the airs, tailslides, etc. Gotta carve for speed and for lines to set up for the straight up and down stuff..maybe