Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Rockys Pan

Back on the road. Rockys bike had been passed around to every shop in town. It was a bitch to start. I am proud to say she is now a "One kick bike". I took the less is more approach. Thanks Todd from PPP for the advice.


Luke said...

Less is more is the best approach for sure, now we just need the weather to turn so we can put down some miles!

Tobin said...

what did you do matt?

Wrecked Metals said...

I ditched the twin tec electronic ignition. Dual plug coil. Switched to a stock automatic timer with points, Went from hydrolic lifters to solids. Dialed in the s&s super e carb. Just went back to basics. I have a Shovelhead to figure out net. Same story
When are you going to send me picts of your PAN?